Snowflake Connector

Install PipeRider with the Snowflake connector and connect to a Snowflake data source.


pip install 'piperider[snowflake]'

Configuration (DBT)

Run the diagnose command in the dbt project

piperider diagnose

If you can successfully connect to Snowflake using dbt, PipeRider can also connect to Snowflake using the same profile settings. For details, please refer to the dbt Snowflake adapter documentation.

Configuration (Non-DBT)

non-dbt use case is deprecated since v0.25.0

Initialize a new Snowflake PipeRider project

piperider init
[?] What is your data source name?: SnowflakeProject
[?] Which data source would you like to connect to?:
 > snowflake

Follow the prompts entering the required information.

Required information

After selecting Snowflake as your data source, you will be promoted for the following information:

  • Account

  • Username

  • Authentication method

    • Password

    • Keypair (private key path, optional passphrase)

    • SSO ('externalbrowser' or a valid Okta URL)

  • Role (optional)

  • Database

  • Warehouse

  • Schema

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

If multi-factor authentication (MFA) is enabled on your Snowflake account, you will receive a Duo push-notification prompting you to allow access to the data source when executing the following PipeRider functions:

  • piperider diagnose

  • piperider run

MFA Token Caching

To reduce the number of prompts you receive, Snowflake allows users to cache MFA tokens by enabling a setting at the account level.

If MFA is enabled on your Snowflake account, please ensure the following.

  • The following package is installed: pip install 'snowflake-connector-python[secure-local-storage]'

  • For non-dbt projects:

    Edit .piperider/credentials.yml and add authenticator: username_password_mfa

  • For dbt projects:

    Edit ~/.dbt/profiles and add the following line to the corresponding profile: authenticator: username_password_mfa

Test connection settings

After configuring your connection settings, ensure that PipeRider can connect to your Snowflake data source.

piperider diagnose

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