About PipeRider telemetry data

In order to provide a better user experience, PipeRider collects telemetry data about how the software and website are used. Telemetry gathering for PipeRider CLI and PipeRider Cloud is handled separately. Please refer to the relevant section to see what information is collected and how to opt-out.

PipeRider CLI telemetry

PipeRider CLI gathers telemetry data per-user and project.

User Telemetry

A user_id is stored in in your profile.yml file located in ~/.piperider/profile.yml

user_id: abc123
anonymous_tracking: true

Opt-out of user telemetry

To opt-out of all telemetry tracking change the value of anonymous_tracking to false.

anonymous_tracking: false

Project telemetry

Each time you create a PipeRider project a telemetry ID will be created. This telemetry ID is linked to your user_id.

Opt-out of project telemtry

To opt-out of tracking on a per-project basis, you can remove the telemetry ID located in your project's configuration file, .piperider/config.yml .

  id: xyz123

What information is stored?

For each user_id the following information is stored:

User information

  • First seen: The date that you first used PipeRider

  • Last seen: The date of the last time you used PipeRider

  • Location: Country and region (via IP address)

  • Platform: Operating system

  • Device ID: A unique identifier for your device

  • Python version

Project information

  • Project ID (telemetry ID)

  • Current PipeRider version

  • Initial PipeRider version (the first version installed)

  • Data source type E.g. Snowflake, Postgres, etc.

  • The following information is also stored on a per event* basis

    • Number of tables in the data source

    • Number of columns and rows in the data source

    • Number of built-in assertions in use

    • Number of custom assertions in use

    • Number of passed and failed assertions

* An event refers to a PipeRider command such as run, generate-assertions, generate-report etc.

PipeRider Cloud telemetry

When logging into PipeRider Cloud you will be presented with the Cookies notification. There are two options, Accept All, and Necessary Only.

Accept All

Selecting Accept All will use a cookie to allow you to log in and remember your session; and also enable PipeRider Cloud telemetry. Please see below for a list of information that is stored.

Necessary Only

Selecting Necessary Only will use a cookie to allow you to log in and remember you session, PipeRider Cloud telemetry will not be gathered.

Use this option if you wish to op-out of PipeRider Cloud telemetry.

What information is stored?

When enabled, PipeRider Cloud will gather telemetry data about the following actions:

  • Visited pages

  • Sources used for report comparison

  • Metrics selected when using the historical trend graph

  • Actions performed on the site, such as

    • Logging in/out

    • Updating user profile

    • Uploading a report

    • Sharing a report

    • Opening the feedback form

    • Submitting feedback

    • Comparing reports

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