DuckDB Connector

Install PipeRider with the DuckDB connector and connect to a data source .


Install PipeRider with the DuckDB connector.

pip install 'piperider[duckdb]'

Configuration (DBT)

Run the diagnose command in the dbt project

piperider diagnose

If you can successfully connect to DuckDB using dbt, PipeRider can also connect to DuckDB using the same profile settings. For details, please refer to the dbt DuckDB adapter documentation.

Configuration (Non-DBT)

non-dbt use case is deprecated since v0.25.0

$ piperider init
Initialize piperider to path /path/to/your/project/.piperider
[?] What is your project name? (alphanumeric only): dataproject
[?] Which data source would you like to connect to?: duckdb
 > duckdb

Enter the path to the directory where the database files are.

Please enter the following fields for duckdb
[?] Path of database file:

Test connection settings

After configuring your connection settings, ensure that PipeRider can connect to your DuckDB.

piperider diagnose

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