Install PipeRider

Install PipeRider and generate an Impact Report in two commands

Installing PipeRider in your dbt project

Install PipeRider with the relevant data source connector using the following command.

pip install -U 'piperider[<connector>]'

The following connectors are supported:

pip install -U 'piperider[athena]'

PipeRider does not require any configuration to use inside a dbt project.

Create a Data Impact Report (Comparison)

If you are working on feature branch of your dbt project, use the following command to compare your current code changes to merge base:

$ piperider compare

The compare command compares the before-and-after impact of your current code changes and generates a Data Impact Report containing an impact summary and side-by-side data profiling results.

By default, piperider compare assesses modified resources and children (state:modified+).Read more about specifying resources to profile.

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