Specify resources to profile

How to specify which resources PipeRider should profile

To use the data profiling and comparison features of PipeRider, you will need to specify which resources PipeRider will run on. Without doing this, PipeRider will only detect schema change.

This can be done in the following ways:

  • Tag resources

  • Use the --select option

  • Use the --modified option

  • Use the --table option (deprecated, for non-dbt projects)

Tag resources

By default PipeRider looks for then 'piperider' tag when discovering resources tom profile. Tags can be added to dbt resources in various ways, such as tagging resources individually using a config block:

{{ config(
) }}

Tags can also be applied in your project file or as a config property. Refer to the dbt documentation for more information on tags configuration.

Use the --select option

The --select option can be used to select individual resources or groups of resources, and can be used with both piperider run and piperider compare.

--select overrides the need for tagging resources

Specify a single resource

Run PipeRider on a single model.

piperider run --select path/to/model.sql

Specify a group of resources

Run PipeRider on all models in the staging folder.

piperider compare --select 'models/staging/'

Advanced examples

PipeRider supports all of the --select criteria that you're used to from dbt, so you can pass resources to PipeRider with advanced commands like these.

Select all modified staging resources and children that are tagged with the 'piperider' tag:

piperider compare --select state:modified+, staging, tag:piperider

Select all modified resources that are materialized as tables:

piperider compare --select state:modified+, config.materialized:table

Select all modified staging resources:

piperider compare -s state:modified+, staging

Use the --modified option

The --modified option will run PipeRider on only nodes that have been modified, and their children. This is equivalent to the modified+ in dbt.

By default, --modified will only apply to resources that have already been tagged.

E.g. compare modified models that are tagged with the 'piperider' tag:

piperider compare --modified

Override tags by pairing --modified with --select.

E.g. compare modified staging models:

piperider compare --modified --select '/models/staging/'

Use the --table option (deprecated)

The --table option is used for profiling individual tables in non-dbt projects. It now deprecated in favor of the --select option as PipeRider shifts focus to dbt projects.

Select an individual table to profile.

piperider run --table <table>

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