How to install PipeRider.


Python 3.7+ Installed

Install or update PipeRider

Use pip to install or update PipeRider.
pip install -U piperider
PipeRider includes the SQLite connector by default. The following conectors are also available:
  • BigQuery
  • Postgres
  • Redshift
  • Snowflake
Use the following command to install PipeRider with your required connector:
pip install -U 'piperider[required_connector]'
Multiple connectors can also be installed, E.g.
pip install -U 'piperider[postgres,snowflake]'
Don't forget the single quotes when installing PipeRider with a data source connector
We are also developing more connectors, please visit supported data sources and you are welcome to let us know if your desired connector is not listed.

View installed PipeRider version

piperider version

List all available commands

piperider --help
Check the PipeRider Command Reference for a full list of commands and options.
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