Glossary of terms for PipeRider


Also known as Data Quality Assertion.
A single data test case consisting of a test function and related configuration. Assertions are executed during piperider run.
Type of assertion:

Assertion file

A YAML file located at .piperider/assertions/*.yml that contains the assertion functions to be executed against tables and columns when using piperider run.

Config file

A YAML file located at .piperider/config.yml and used for storing project configuration such as available data sources and dbt integration settings. Generated by piperider init.


Also known as data source connector.
Enables PipeRider to connect to a variety of data sources, such as SQLite, PostgreSQL, Snowflake etc.
Types of connector and data source integrations:

Credentials file

A YAML file located at .piperider/credentials.yml that is used for storing credentials used by connectors to connect to data sources.

Custom assertion

Users can extend basic assertion with application-or domain-specific expectations to build the customized assertion functions.

Compare reports

Capability to compare the output of runs in a static HTML page.
See also Compare Reports.

Data quality

It is a perception or an assessment of data's fitness to serve its purpose in a given context.

Data source

Provides a standard API for accessing and interacting with data from a wide variety of source systems, such as SQLite, PostgreSQL, Snowflake etc.

Profiling run

The act of generating metrics and recommended assertions from a data source. The executions of a run over a time period is to generate profiling results for each run at .piperider/outputs/.
Recommended assertions are those that are generated by PipeRider under the following circumstances:
  • When running piperider run and there are no assertion files present in .piperirder/assertions/, such as on first use.
  • When using the generate-assertions command.
Recommended assertions are assertions containing suggested parameters based on the results of a data profiling run.


A static HTML report that is generated by based on the results of a profiling run and is stored in .piperider/outputs/.