How to enable rule-based notifications in PipeRider Cloud
PipeRider Cloud supports rule-based alerts that are triggered when certain conditions are met for a data source.
PipeRider Cloud Notifications Inbox
Alert notifications for a report can be viewed in the Notifications Inbox by clicking Notifications in the left sidebar.
In addition to the Notifications Inbox, alerts notifications can also be sent via the following integrations:
  • Email
  • Slack

Add notification rule

To add a new notification navigate to Notifications -> Manage and then the click the Add Notifications button.
PipeRider Cloud - Add Alert Notification Rule
Add a new rule specifying the table/column and conditions that your data source should meet.
To forward this alert to your email, select your account email address from the Forwarded to drop-down. If no value is selected, this alert will only show in your Notifications Inbox.
Click the Confirm button to save the Rule.
The next time a report is uploaded, if the conditions for any of your rules are not met, then you will receive an alert by your selected integration.

Slack integration

To set up Slack notifications for PipeRider Cloud, you must first create a Slack App and obtain your Incoming Webhook URL. Instructions on how to do this can be found in the Slack API documentation.
In PipeRider Cloud, navigate to Notifications -> Settings and click on the Add Integration button.
PipeRider Cloud - Add Integration
Copy the Webhook URL and Channel from your Slack incoming Webhooks settings page into the PipeRider Add Integration form, as shown in the above image.
To test the integration, click the Test button on the right side of the Webhook URL text field. If successful you will see a success message, and a test notification will appear in your selected Slack channel:
PipeRider Cloud - Test Notification via Slack
Click the Confirm button to save the integration.